Applying for FY2015 Practical Research Training (Self-directed Joint Research, Long-term Overseas Dispatch, Corporate Internship) and MERIT Errantry

To all MERIT Course students

All students are required to undertake one of the Practical Research Training as listed below, in order to complete the MERIT Course.

・Self-directed Joint Research
・Long-term Overseas Dispatch
・Corporate Internship

Please note that applications for Long-term Overseas Dispatch and Corporate Internship (Outside Japan) will be accepted only three times a year: The ends of March, July, and November.

・MERIT Errantry

MERIT Errantry is an oversea seminar tour to visit universities and research institutes. Attendance at international conferences is also permitted. (Students may not go on an errantry solely to attend a conference.)
Applications will be accepted throughout the year.

Guidelines on how to apply for the above opportunities have been uploaded along with application forms:

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