Course Features

Multiple Supervisor System

MERIT Course students will be assigned an assistant supervisor in addition to their primary supervisor in their department of enrollment. Assistant supervisors will be those MERIT Course instructors who are faculty at The University of Tokyo.

Financial Support for Course Students

Students will be provided with a monthly grant of 180,000 JPY from the beginning of the second half of their first year of study on a Master’s program. In principle, this grant will be provided until the acquirement of a doctoral degree. It should be noted, however, that the maximum period of grant payment in the Doctoral course is three years.

Qualifying Examination

From FY2012 onwards, students enrolling in Master’s courses (April entry) may apply to participate in the MERIT Course from October of the first year of enrollment. A total of 40 first year Master’s course students will be recruited. In February or March of the second year, students will be required to sit a Qualifying Examination (QE). The QE will determine which students will be offered a place on the MERIT Course as doctoral students. There are 30 places for doctoral students in each academic year.